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Elisa Vikki (b. 1996) studies the organ with Markku Hietaharju at Sibelius-Academy. As a secondary subject she plays the piano with Annikka Konttori-Gustafsson.

In addition to her organ and piano studies, she has also played the violin and the guitar and composed. In 2013 she won the third prize in Uuno Klami composition competition for young composers. In the spring of 2016 she graduated from High School with an emphasis on music. As a High School music diploma, she performed the six organ concertos by Handel with a string quartet and an orchestra in the Turku Cathedral.

Vikki enjoys performing in different projects with other instruments. Her main interest lies in vocal music, and she has cooperated with many singers and choirs. Her repertoire includes the music from all eras.

Aleksanteri Wallius (b. 1999) started playing the organ at Puolalanmäki upper secondary school in autumn 2015. At the moment he plays the organ at Sibelius-Academy´s youth department with Markku Hietaharju as his teacher. He starts studying organ at Sibelius-Academy’s adult department in September 2018.

Wallius is the Young artist of international Pori Organ 2018 festival.